2011. Insane Year!

I ended 2010 virtually jobless, living in Manhattan and having no idea what the next year would hold.  Well, at the end of 2011 I am now gainfully employed at a very cool nonprofit, living in New Jersey, and an uncle.  Em and I also managed to have an awesome wedding.  Thanks to all the Tarp folks for sharing the event with us in DC!  Also managed a couple of ATL trips and attended a  pagan/viking wedding in Iceland.  And babies, babies, babies – you know who you are!

2011 (especially the fall) had a ridiculous amount of great shows: TIU reunions, The Damned, Danzig and Doyle playing Misfits songs, a secret YOT show, Riot Fest (with Descendents, X, 7 Secs), Chaos in Tejas, Pixies, Glory Fades reunion, Anthrax, Citizens Arrest, Government Warning final NY/NJ shows, Municipal Waste, Foo Fighters, Dead Milkmen, and lotsa Night Birds shows. With that, just a few of the cool records that came out in 2011:

Night Birds – The Other Side of Darkness (gold medal winner, best of the year!)
Black Wine – Summer of Indifference
Pregnant – s/t lp
Chronic Sick – ep reissues
Madmen – ep
Waste Management – Power Abuse ep
Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
Give – eps on React, Deranged, Youngblood, Triple B
Omegas – two eps (and one lp I haven’t been able to get my hands on yet!)
Boston Strangler – unreleased lp (2012 release, oh well…)

HNY dudes!